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Welcome on board. We - the owners of the silverbase company - couldn't resist the charm of this over 75-year-old American cultural trademark and imported three original Airstream™ trailer. We restored them extensively and diligently by hand as a labor of love. The result are two unique, top notch and in style »mobile lounges« and a classic promotion trailer. Why are we telling you all this? Because for the first time ever you can now rent this »American Dream« in Austria.

Limitless use:

  • Actor's Lounge for TV + Movie Film Productions
  • Musician's, Artist's and Athlete's Lounge during concerts, tours & sports events
  • Lounge for commercial and photo shoots
  • Fairs & Exhibits
  • For promotional purposes
  • Road Shows
  • Interview location & lounge for members of the press
  • Prop/Backround for commercials, TV + movies etc.

Designers, architects and visionaries who wanted to apply their own concepts of colour, texture and use to the interior of an Airstream have always been attracted to them and their seductive aluminium covers. According to Larry Huttle, the president of Airstream Inc., the status of an Airstream as a design icon is almost supernatural. »I believe it stands for freedom and a lot of people are longing for that freedom.«

»People who use this product have a soul of a wanderer.«

As a renter of an innovative Airstream trailer you profit in many ways whether on a movie set, during a VIP event, on a road show or during a fair or exhibition:

  • Maximum attention because of it's authentic aircraft design
  • Generous, stylish interior
  • High quality interior design and cool extras (LCD flat screen, satellite dish, stereo system, air condition, working space, a bar, etc.)
  • Reception in style for VIP guests, clients and customers
  • Relaxing »lounge atmosphere« in- and outdoors