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1931 Wally Byam had a »brilliant« idea: it was supposed to be stream lined, cosy, useful and was supposed to scratch the itch for individual travels and great adventure. Wally called his invention Airstream™ - because, as he put it, »it moves on the road like a flow of air«. He founded the Airstream manufacturing company and built a proto type. Being a fanatic of high quality products he created a timeless and beautiful mobile trailer, which was very much and rightly so envied by his competitors. The exterior cover was completely furnished out of unvarnished aluminium in consideration of the weight of the trailer. Because of it's silver metallic look the trailer quickly got the nick name »silver rocket« or »silverling«.

King of the Road. Out of 400 mobile home manufacturers, who shortly after the appearance of the Airstream entered the market, only the U.S. cult trademark Airstream™ has survived. No miracle, because Wally Byam's Credo was as simple as it was genius: »We don't want to change anything, we just want to improve things.«

Therefore the set up was only changed 5 times in the past. Every change was based on the best characteristics of the previous version of it's kind. That's how they contributed to the development of a timeless and classic product.

American Way of Life. The enterprise Airstream™, Inc. is worldwide known for their extraordinary aircraft inspired trailers out of aluminium. These special aluminium covers have made Airstream™ trailers the most known mobile homes in the world.

Over 75 years every Airstream™ trailer has been manufactured in it's traditional way and with it's decades of experience of the Airstream™ employees.